Sujok Therapy  Treatment
Sujok Therapy is best way to heal disease by means of Acupressure treatment and Acupuncture therapy on various points as per disease, This is one of the best and smooth way discovered to cure disease.

In fact, Pressure points on the body are usually where a cluster of nerves are or where they intersect each. What many people refer to as pressure points are also referred to as trigger points. Clench your forefinger and thumb over the large muscle between the neck and shoulder, wrench it back and squeeze. Or hold tightly the inner elbow. If this fails, poke 'em in the eye.

Sujok therapy is based on the fact that our body is represented in miniature form, on our hands & Feet. It is like using a remote control to influence our whole body and cure disease.

Advantages of Sujok Therapy :
  • Highly effective and preventive method of healing
  • Simple and affordable
  • No side effects.
  • Useful on both the physical and emotional level
Acupressure in right direction
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