Bij Therapy Treatment
We believe that each one of us has seeds of self-healing or happiness within us which might be buried so deeply that we have not discovered them just yet Seeds Therapy is here to assist you to unearth, germinate and bloom your self-healing seeds within you. We all know about the force of sprouting seeds when gentle sprout punches through solid ground. Their potential energy is used in therapy. The seeds are placed by on correspondence points to pathological process. Not only this, we also know that, if we will not eat in time we suffer from hunger, weakness and low energy. The moments we eat our all symptom vanish because of the power of seeds. When we put various seeds as per their shape size and constitution or virtue on various receptors on hand or foot metaphysically it starts mutual induction of life force between body and seeds. At end seeds lose its life force and body get balance. It is a miraculous system of therapy in which we force our body to learn balancing internally from external power. It is help full in any physiological condition. Sometimes we get miraculous result in one or two sittings. Seed therapy is used in Onuri medicine. Seeds have proved to increase the vital energy in the human body. It is a painless therapy which can be used by anybody. Seeds are sorted according to shapes and their healing properties and tied to the correspondence area to be treated.
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